School Handbook

Tyrone Public School will promote a positive, safe, and purposeful environment, which will ensure the mastery of basic school skills for all pupils.

I. Teachers will prepare lessons and present material according to state standards and objectives that are measured on norm-referenced or core curriculum tests.
  A. Teachers will keep a record of when PASS objectives skills are taught. A folder will be kept in each
classroom and date written when each skill is taught.

II. Students will be expected to obtain minimum mastery skills.
  A. Students will be assessed on a regular basis to measure consistent growth of basic skills.
  B. Students will be assessed yearly by state mandated tests.

III. Administrators will be effective participants in the learning process of all students.
  A. Administrators will designate some time each day to spend time observing in classrooms



Monday, September 1

Tuesday, September 2
**3:30 JH Softball @ Guymon
**4:30 HS Softball @ Guymon

Wednesday, September 3
**8:00 a.m. Plan Test – Sophomores
**9:00–Noon OPSU (Jr.s & Sr.s)

Thursday, September 4
**3:30 p.m. JH & HS Softball Vs Hooker HOME
**5:00 p.m. Honk & Holler Pep Rally
**5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Bus Refresher Course

Friday, September 5
**7:30 p.m. HS Ftball Vs Turpin  HOME
**Kick-Off dance until midnight following game

Saturday, Septmeber 6
Cross Country @ Perryton

REMINDERS The school year is off to a great start!! Students and parents, please remember that all fees need to be taken care of during the first nine weeks.




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